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Case Studies:

American Axle and Manufacturing

When the largest supplier to General Motors wanted to be known globally as more than just an axle manufacturer, American Axle and Manufacturing partnered with 7 Spot Group to re-brand the company as a world leader in the design, engineering and manufacturing of driveline, drivetrain and chassis systems passenger vehicles.

7 Spot Group worked to reintroduce the company worldwide as AAM, recognizing the company needed an image and personality that would be embraced by the global automotive market. Creating new identity standards, collateral materials and external audience communication, AAM was able to present themselves as a formidable global competitor in the automotive industry and beyond.

The team at 7 Spot Group furthered AAM’s mission by creating an internal program for salaried associates globally. The new program is the cornerstone of AAM’s messaging, uniting the associates worldwide with the same focused, differentiating cultural values and strategic principles that will allow AAM to continue to grow and flourish as the world-class choice in the automotive market.

Santa Rosa Consulting

As a new health care consulting company, Santa Rosa was looking for a way to generate credible sales leads through the promotion of information technology and comprehensive management consulting services offered to the healthcare industry as well as introduce prospective clients to their new interactive website module.

The team at 7 Spot Group recognized that awareness and preference for Santa Rosa would be built among the target audience by giving prospective clients an understanding of the unique business model and benefits offered on-site as well as on the website. We identified distinct channels to reach potential clients in their office environment, including targeted e- mail marketing, a dynamic direct mail program coupled with Santa Rosa sales training.

Using targeted e-mail marketing, 7 Spot Group helped Santa Rosa gain positive awareness and increased traffic on the new Santa Rosa website as well as provided leads which resulted in multiple sales and increased usage of Santa Rosa services by clients.


When MicroGREEN Polymers was ready to launch their revolutionary new sheet stock, they turned to 7 Spot Group to lead the charge. The team at 7 Spot Group branded, road-mapped and created all of the collateral materials to give the revolution a name: InCycle™.

7 Spot Group developed a vision and a voice for InCycle™, navigating a complex technology and myriad of uses into a simple, straightforward product proposition for key industries and categories. The team also worked with the MicroGREEN management team to create a detailed ranking of categories that would be more amenable to InCycle’s innovative message and product.

7 Spot Group took InCycle™ and the MicroGREEN team to Pack Expo 2010 to announce the innovation with new graphics, collateral materials and a physical trade show display that attracted attention and traffic beyond every expectation for size and location.

Clover Technologies

With the help of the management team at 7 Spot Group, what started out as a simple television repair shop in Plymouth, MI grew to be Clover Technologies, an industry leader in high-speed digital network hardware, software and integration services.

The team realized that to position Clover Technologies as the first-mover in the communications field, their own communication materials had to reflect their image, capabilities and success. By updating and refining Clover Technologies corporate identity, a visionary mission statement and theme line, the team was on the leading edge of providing an industry-wide inspiration that was applauded by even Clover’s competitors in the field.

By continuing to push forward-thinking and highlight the universal evolution of communication, the management team at 7 Spot group succeed in Clover’s clients embracing their philosophy, leading to increased orders for the state of the art digital technology that the company provided. In fact, Clover Technologies was so successful in their mission, they were acquired by and are now an AT&T company.

Red Robin Restaurants

As the largest national franchisee of Red Robin Restaurants, the Ansara Restaurant Group was looking for a way to differentiate Red Robin in the Detroit Metropolitan and Northern Ohio casual dining category. With the objective of increased traffic and single ticket sales, Red Robin called on the management team at 7 Spot Group to help them grow.

The management team identified a number of opportunities, including sponsorships, in-store events and loyalty programs that gave current Red Robin customers more incentive to eat in the restaurants more often as well as attract a new, lucrative customer base to the chain.

We utilized traditional media, including radio, print and outdoor, key sponsorships of family-friendly sporting events including the Detroit Tigers “Kids Run The Bases” Sundays and tailored support of local, neighborhood groups and teams like youth baseball and after-school programs, culminating with in-store events that kept traffic flowing through Red Robin restaurants all year long.

Johnson Outdoors Paddlesports

When Johnson Outdoors Paddlesports wanted to re-launch five leading outdoor brands, they asked the management team at 7 Spot Group to help them manage their portfolio by differentiating each of the businesses, provide enhanced support to on-site retail sales and announce the whole revolution to key customers at the annual Outdoor Retailer trade show.

The management team developed individual, focused strategies for each of the canoe, kayak and accessory brands, giving them distinct personalities, voices and reasons for being in the marketplace. The team developed a collection of in-store materials for both the retail sales force to utilize as well as on-item collateral for the end consumer to engage in their own research

We took the portfolio re-launch to the Outdoor Retailer show, providing physical display, graphics and trade show specific elements to aid in on-site sales. Additionally, the team created a virtual merchandising wall to show retailers how the five brands would optimally interact with each other.

Taking the Measure of a Marketing Effort      

No researcher would ever make claims about a scientific study without having the data to support the thesis. Similarly, a marketing campaign should always be evaluated with mathematical yardsticks. When we develop promotional materials, we simultaneously create the metrics that will help measure their worth. This allows us to make adjustments on the fly where applicable, while bolstering the effectiveness of follow up efforts. We won’t just tell you that your advertising is working; we’ll show you why and where it’s working.